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New 3-tower RTO

Product Description

With the advanced core valve technology in the United States, AUSSE successfully developed a new 3-tower RTO with a treatment efficiency of 99.5%.



Adopting the advanced technology from the US headquarter, US and China launched the latest products simultaneously, and recognized as global brand. The investment and operating costs are comparable to 2-can RTO.

Modular Design

AuSSE utilizes many years of 3D design experience to modularize the equipment, so that it can be quickly installed and commissioned. The advantages of 3D visualization are used for more ergonomic design of equipment.



The unique valves design that AuSSE have always been proud of have only two control actuators. The design is simple and ease to maintain. Valve switching speed<1S. Each valve is equipped with an active sealing device to automatically compensate for leakage caused by fatigue loss of the sealing material. Combined with the comprehensive effects of the Third canister which increased the guaranteed destruction efficiency to more than 99.5%. Compared with the traditional three-tower RTO emission speed fluctuations are very small!

Finite Element Analysis

The rationality, safety, and economy of the design are verified by means of finite element analysis.

Equipment safety

AuSSE has 40 years of RTO designs and operation experiences: utilize of emergency exhaust valve, fresh air and other methods to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the RTO, while the combustion chamber is always connected to the atmosphere, which reducing unnecessary safety devices for confined chamber while greatly improving system safety.

Burner Module

Intelligent Control

Big data application with VPN function, enable remote warnings, data collection of operating parameters , and operate intelligently.