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Daily maintenance of fan in exhaust gas system


As is known to all, fans are necessary for dust removal equipment, RTO and other waste gas treatment. However, in the later use and operation, fans are easily damaged spare parts in daily work. , most commonly characterized by abnormal sound, increased vibration and temperature rise. Therefore, in the daily operation of the fan, it is very important to pay attention to the inspection of these items. Aussie Meaning for you to explain the daily maintenance of the fan how?

Impeller cleaning at least once a year
Dust, dirt and other impurities on the impeller should be removed regularly to avoid the accumulation of impurities destroying the dynamic balance of the impeller, resulting in the fan vibration aggravation and even damage to the parts.


Belt (wheel) set replacement once a year

(Recommended replacement by professional manufacturers)

Belt (wheel) set replacement once a year

(Recommended replacement by professional manufacturers)

Bearing group lubrication added

(Add according to the actual situation)


(1) Please keep the oil level half of the oil mirror, not more than.
(2) The fan must be installed horizontally.
(3) Abnormal lubricating oil color (mud, milky white, black), that is, replace the lubricating oil.


Predictive maintenance measurements

(Vibration, bearing, motor)

Fan maintenance points:
(1) For the fan, please use diesel oil CD15W-40 oil. It should be replaced once every six months at most.
(2) Please use grease for the motor, and it needs to be replaced once in no more than six months.
(3) If it has not been used for more than six months, please maintain it according to the above requirements before use.
(4) Please keep the oil level in the middle line of the oil mirror.
(5) The fan must be installed horizontally.

In order to make the fan in the VOCs exhaust gas system run safely without fault, the above items should be regularly maintained and checked.

The period of clearance should be determined according to the type, use, working environment, importance, reliability and other different situations of the fan.

But in maintenance must pay attention to personal safety, regular maintenance work must be carried out after the shutdown.