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Warm congratulations to "zhangjiagang Auzoer and SSE strategic joint venture signing ceremony" a complete success

At 10:30 am on November 13, 2019, the strategic joint venture signing ceremony between Auzoer and SSE in zhangjiagang was held in the international trade hotel in zhangjiagang, China. Mr. Zhang xianlei, general manager of zhangjiagang Auzoer company, Ms. Anoosheh, chairman of American SSE company and other representatives from both sides attended the signing ceremony and exchanged views on the cooperation and development of the joint venture company. This marks a new stage of bilateral cooperation and provides a "fertile soil" for future in-depth cooperation in the field of environmental protection. In the future, both sides will give full play to their respective advantages and comprehensively promote cooperation in such areas as environmental protection and high and new technology, so as to achieve win-win cooperation.

Signing ceremony
Combining the
Seize the development opportunity and strive to be a benchmark in the field of environmental protection

Zhang xianlei, general manager of Auzoer company in zhangjiagang, said that SSE is a well-known environmental protection company in the United States, with advanced environmental protection technology, and Auzoer has a good market reputation in China, the most dynamic executive team, modern design and management concept. Today, the combination of the two companies will not only bring us the world's advanced environmental protection technology and products, but also enhance our company's modern management level and international standards. Our consortium, SSE China, will provide better services for China's environmental protection market in the future.

The picture shows Ms. Anoosheh, President of American SSE, giving a speech
Ms. Anoosheh said SSE, which has more than 40 years of experience in environmental engineering in the United States and holds the most advanced environmental technologies, had been hoping to bring these new technologies to China one day. The future SSE China will bring more expectations to everyone.

The picture shows Mr. Liu deli of Shanghai chemical research institute giving a speech
Zhangjiagang Auzoer firm's customer representative, President of Shanghai chemical industry research institute, says Mr Liu Deli with Auzoer company has many years of cooperation, professional technology level, dynamic executive team and a good market reputation has always been to their company is trust and satisfaction, every Auzoer company will give attaches great importance to the cooperation and coordination, to complete their nodes target required by the company with good quality. I am deeply impressed by the sino-american joint venture and full of confidence and expectation for the cooperation between the two parties and the future development prospect.

Beautiful China continues to ferment, environmental protection big inflection point

Representatives of both sides signed the joint venture agreement

The two representatives took a group photo on the stage

The picture shows Ms. Anoosheh, President of SSE, Mr. Li junlin, sales manager of SSE, and Mr. Zhang xianlei, general manager of Auzoer (from left to right)

The picture shows representatives from both sides visiting the new factory
The SSE which has been signed and established this time will be located in leyu town in China. The mayor of leyu town, sun guili, attended the signing ceremony and accompanied Mr. Zhang xianlei, general manager of Auzoer company, and Ms. Anoosheh, chairman of SSE company in the United States, to the leyu science and technology industrial park to visit the new factory. At the same time, the development plans of leyu for jinggu town, VOC environmental science and innovation industrial park and other projects were introduced, and SSE China, an international joint venture enterprise that is in line with the development direction of the local government, was warmly welcomed to settle in leyu, and more policy support will be provided in the future.
The success of the signing ceremony is of great significance for promoting the innovative development, sustainable development and leading development of the whole environmental protection industry, accelerating the industrialization of high-tech achievements and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and providing more perfect environmental protection services for local governments. We wish and believe that SSE - China will be and will be an unbeatable dark horse in China's environmental protection industry.